iPhone 4 officially jailbroken and unlocked

Before we continue, a quick recap of the terms:

Jailbroken: Modified to be able to install third-party applications not approved by Apple, generally via an alternative App Store.

Unlocked: Able to run on GSM networks other than the one it was originally sold for. In the case of US iPhones, that means an unlocked AT&T iPhone could run on T-Mobile (sans 3G) or any of the GSM carriers in Canada.

The iPhone 4 is now both of those.

While some people are still doubting the legitimacy of the infamous-but-now-retired Geohot’s unlock claims, let there be no doubts here: long-time jailbreak icon MuscleNerd and the ridiculously clever planetbeing have claimed a successful unlock, stifling haters with a shot of the handset running Cydia (one of the aforementioned alternative App Stores) while connected to Bell Canada.

As these things usually go, the hack isn’t ready for public consumption quite yet. So when will it be? Who knows. There’s no ETA beyond “eventually”. If past trends are any indication, they’re likely waiting until after Apple sends out the first software update in hopes that their loopholes go unpatched.