Finding Nemoptic's place in the e-reader sea

Right now, there is an e-paper display battle. The Kindle currently offers a display from E-Ink, a market leader known for using electrophoretic e-paper. The iPad uses an LED-backlight display soon to be OLED. There is also the new Pixel Qi’s with its amazing transflective LCD that may kill the E-Ink display used in the Kindle. Now next and new to the scene is a display from a company called Nemoptic.

Nemoptic has been recently been showing off its newest display technology, similar to E-Ink’s, but proffering added features. Named active matrix bistable nematics, Nemoptic’s new display will have touchscreen readiness, video playback and backlight capability. Expect it to be low cost – since Nemoptic is already working to bring cheap and disposable e-store-price-tags, something you would see at the grocery store allowing price updates from a centralized computer, to the market.

Currently they are looking for a hardware manufacturer to partner with this technology. We hope they do because it can only mean more options in currently growing e-reader display battle.

[via Gizmodo]