Paddy Power: Odds are that Apple will recall the iPhone 4 because of antenna problem

Are you the gambling type? Paddy Power, the famous, Ireland-based bookmaker, now has it at 4/6 that Apple will recall the iPhone 4. (The opposite, that Apple won’t recall the iPhone 4, is at 11/10.) That’s as of 8:00am ET, at least.

Now, will Apple actually do the unthinkable and recall the device? I would be shocked if that happened, to be honest. A more likely scenario would be that Apple will provide a bumper or case to anyone who asks for one, totally for free.

That’s the very least the company should do, right? To say that there’s not a problem with the design of the iPhone 4 after so many people have shown, over and over again, that a problem exists, well, what can you say? This doesn’t mean that every single iPhone 4 user will experience a problem, but it’s not as if there’s a cabal of people, Consumer Reports included, who are conspiring to bring down Apple.