This ceramic electric kettle is elegant – and gorgeous

Well-designed kitchen stuff hits me right here, guys. I don’t know why. An elegant pan or pastry scraper is more exciting to me than a Droid X or new Sony camcorder. And here’s something I thought I’d never see: an electric kettle I desperately want.

There’s something about electric kettles that’s always bothered me. Maybe it’s the sneering practicality of the things. They think they know how to boil better than me. Sure, you can do it in half the time and with far less waste, but I like my steel kettle. It might have existed a hundred years ago.

Anyway, as soon as I laid eyes on this thing, my old prejudices disappeared. I want it. I want it bad. That’s ceramic! And it comes with two mugs! The price is supposedly €99, but I can’t find it on the designer’s site or at Rowenta, for whom it was designed. Ah well. I’ll just keep on boiling the normal way.

[via NotCot]