Verizon determined to not pull an Incredible with the Droid X: plenty of stock on-hand

Despite recent fears that demand for the Droid X may outstrip supply, and news that HTC can’t produce enough Incredibles or EVOs as they’d like, Verizon want to assure y’all that they’ll have plenty of stock available for the July 15th launch.

In an article on CNET yesterday, Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney assured everyone that the Droid Incredible shortages are just an anomaly and that there will be plenty of Droid X action for anyone that wants one.

BGR confirm this, adding that their own sources have said that there is anywhere between 50-100 Droid Xs available per store, as well as 30,000 more per warehouse waiting to be shipped out overnight to any store that demands it.

Sounds pretty good to me. So, how ’bout it: are you gonna go grab one tomorrow?