Virgin's Red Glove Service program makes us yearn for Canada

Breaking a phone is a pretty tragic experience, and breaking a smartphone doubly so. Adam Morrison knows exactly what I mean: a Virgin Mobile Canada customer, he recently sent his trusty BlackBerry to the Great Cell Phone Drawer in the Sky. Not one to miss an opportunity to show off, Virgin Mobile made sure that someone (a very, very rich someone) would be on hand to deliver a replacement phone as part of their new Red Glove pilot service:

That’s right, one of the world’s most successful businessmen has been reduced to mere delivery work. While future recipients won’t be quite as lucky to have Richard Branson show up on their doorsteps, Virgin’s Red Glove service means that replacement phones are delivered and set up on the spot by trained Virgin employees. It’s potentially a huge leap forward for customer service, but only time will tell if the benefits outweigh the (probably sizable) costs. Unfortunately for all of us Yankee butterfingers, the pilot program has only been rolled out in Toronto, so we’ll just have to be a bit more careful in the meantime.

[via IntoMobile]