EC-03: Yamaha rolls out low-cost electric 50cc scooter

Yamaha Japan announced [press release in English] the EC-03 today, an electric 50cc scooter that’s powered by a 50V/14Ah lithium ion battery. The vehicle has a driving range of 43km (at 30km/h on flat roads) per charge. A charge takes six hours, with Yamaha saying that a household electrical outlet (100V) is all you need.

Marketing the e-scooter as a “Smart Minimal Commuter”, Yamaha claims that each charge will set you back only $0.20 in electricity costs. The vehicle is sized at just 1,565 mm × 600 mm × 990 mm, weighs 56kg and has a minimum turning radius of 1.7m.

The zero-emission e-scooter will go on sale in the Tokyo metropolitan area in September, followed by the rest of Japan one month later (price: $2,850). Available in either white or brown, the EC-03 is expected to cost $2,800. Yamaha is yet to announce international sales plans.