iOS 4.0.1 update now available through iTunes (Update: And 3.2.1 for the iPad!)

The updates are coming, the updates are coming! Yesterday, developers saw the launch of iOS 4.1 within their inner rings — and today, the masses gain access to 4.0.1.

Note the extra 0 in the version number there. 4.0.1 so far appears to be a different patch, solely containing tweaks to Apple’s “formula to determine how many bars of signal strength to display”, without any of the Bluetooth enhancements or other such changes spotted in the less-decimaled (that’s a word now) 4.1.

We’ll let you know if we spot any other changes if you’ll do the same.

Update: The iPad gets an update, too!

It’s sadly not iOS 4-point-anything, but it does purportedly fix the iPad’s terribly flaky WiFi whilst also fixing an issue with copy/pasting PDFs, video playback bugs, and improves the reliability of using the iPad Dock to VGA adapter. Last but not least, it adds Bing to Safari’s search options! Okay. That sort of is least.