Logitech Z506: 5.1 audio for $99

Logitch has a new 5.1 audio system that may interest you, particularly if you’re not looking to spend too much money. It’s the called the Z506, and it’ll only set you back $99. Throw in a couple of cheap stands and you’re good to go.

Much like with headphones, speakers are damn near impossible to write about unless you’ve listened to them for some time. Have I listened to the Z506? Nope. So all I have are raw stats: 75W RMS power; two 8W front and two 8W rear speakers; 16W center speaker; and a 27W subwoofer—hope you don’t live above somebody.

And of course, the Z506 will work with whatever you plug it into, be it your Xbox 360, Blu-ray player, PC, PS3, etc.

Again, there’s only two bits of information that you need: 5.1 and $99. It should be available in August.

If you’re still watching Blu-ray movies or playing Cal of Warfare 87 with your TV’s built-in speakers well, don’t.