The Popbox media stream starts shipping from Amazon

There’s a looming battle on the horizon: The Syabas Popbox vs the Boxee Box. Both are fighting for living room dominance, but the Popbox has made the first move as it’s finally available directly from Amazon.

We first spied the little streaming back at CES and fell in love with the device. Over the last few months it has gotten even better with a proper SDK and apps, appropriately dubbed Popapps, and RealD 3D support. Originally the device was suppose to ship later this month but the company tweeted that the first shipment made it through customs faster than expected. This resulted in a faster ship date from Amazon.

Now it’s Boxee’s move but the Popbox has all the way until the Boxee Box’s November ship date to gain traction and fans. Of course even though these two devices are competing for the same market, they’re also joined together, battling cable and satellite providers. There certainly is enough room for both of them — although not in the same living room. [Amazon via Engadget]