Apple sold 3 million iPhone 4s in three weeks, "perhaps our best product"

Apple started off today’s press conference with a little bit of bragging: they moved over 3,000,000 iPhone 4‘s in three weeks. It took the original iPhone two and a half financial quarters to hit that sort of sales numbers. However, those numbers are on the same sort of blockbuster level that the iPhone 3G and even 3GS experienced in their early days.

Those sales numbers are with the so-called Antennagate scandal in which Apple is currently trying to spin out of. It would be interesting to the iPhone 4’s sales numbers on a bar graph to see if the antenna issue actually had the any impact on overall sales. It was a hot topic on line, but until it hit the public conciseness a few days back with Consumer Reports, Keith Olbermann and even Letterman, the average iPhone 4 buyer probably either didn’t care or know what was going on.

But luckily for Apple, they are finally attempting to make things right starting with today’s press conference. More as we get it.