Google to no longer stock Nexus Ones

The Nexus One’s time is about to expire. Google will soon no longer stock its self-branded Android handset and just received its last shipment of handsets. It was good while it lasted. Even though the Nexus One never really caught on outside of the close-knit Android community, it was a killer handset and might still be one of the top three available.

While Google will no longer sell the phone, it will still be available from Vodafone in the UK and KI in Korea. But it won’t be available here North America from any official channels.

Google tried something different with the Nexus One by cutting out the carrier and selling the handset directly to the consumer like it’s commonly done abroad. But we here in the states live in a subsidized cell phone market. We created this model and will probably die by it, too. Oh well. At least we know the very best cell phones will always be $200 or less.