Guzzle for iPhone

Guzzle is a super simple way to see current information about anything you want. It’s a mashup of a search engine and a feed reader: set up any number of keywords, and Guzzle will show you up-to-the-minute stories from hundreds of sources involving those terms. No account is required, but creating an account will let you save your settings. Now there’s a Guzzle iPhone app available, so that you can have this functionality with you wherever you go.

I asked Marca Tatem why they chose to use a dedicated app instead of a touch-friendly mobile website.

I thought that on the iPhone small-screen, the best way to go was to use Apple’s standard UI elements such as reordering lists, etc. I usually find these “iPhone-optimized” websites kinda sluggish.

Also, I think the AppStore is a great way to distribute apps (and even a better way to upgrade them) and people have a real sense of owning an actual piece of software.

According to Tatem, “With the Guzzle iPhone app, you’re always two taps away from getting fresh information.”

If you’re a news junkie, check it out. It’s ninety nine cents in the App Store.