Quick rant @ Verizon: How about providing the customer service number when OTA activation fails?

You know, it’s the little things that makes companies great. Attention to detail, if you will. I just opened my new Droid X and attempted to active the phone. It failed. That’s fine. Things happen.

Then this message plays,

“I’m sorry. We are unable to program your phone at this time. Please call customer service from a landline phone and a representative will be happy to assist you.”

Alright, But what’s the number? So I dig through all the little booklets and documentation that comes with the phone. It’s not there. On the shipping reciept? Nope. Of course I found it next on the website but that’s not the point.

How hard would it be to put the damn phone number in the message? That’s all I want. Just an extra five seconds on the message with the option to replay the number if necessary. That’s all. Thank you for your time. You may now return to obsessing over the iPhone 4 antenna crap.