1 part Palm Pre, 1 part Droid: What is this weird Droid-branded portrait slider?

When a momma Droid and a daddy Pre love each other very, very much, they get trashed and make sweet, sweet handset love like the sun won’t rise tomorrow. Nine months later, the awkward Pre-esque Droid Mini love child is born — and if we’re really lucky, someone will be there on the scene with a camera slathered in butter, waiting to take the blurriest photos in the history of photography.

As you might have guessed from the paragraph above, we’re not entirely sure what’s going on here. Someone at the Chinese Android forum Hiapk leaked a handful of photos and the video you see below, but provided just about no details to go along with’em.

Along with a portrait sliding keyboard, these photos clearly (well, you know what we mean) show the signature red eye of Verizon’s Droid line, suggesting that this one’s intended for Big Red at some point — but right now, these could just as well be some insanely blurry shots of a Chinese bootleg handset manufacturer’s latest Droid-inspired creation.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled and let you know if we spot this guy anywhere else. Drop us a line if you know anything, won’t you?

[Via AndroidAndMe]