Vaja letting down customers, unable to fulfill orders of very pricey custom iPad cases

Remember a few months back when I recommended Vaja’s gorgeous iPad cases? Yeah, I totally rescind that endorsement. It seems the company can’t handle their business and are unable to make good on the orders placed for their very expensive iPad cases. Worse yet, their customer service does not reflect the bespoke-type product they portray. How a company expects to get away with this in the age of Twitter and Facebook is beyond me.

Our tipster sent us emails backing all these claims. His journey started 48 days ago when he placed an order for two of the custom, handmade iPad cases. He apparently missed the little note on the product page that it would take 45 days to craft the item and so he emailed customer service 35 days later inquiring when the case might ship. He was told 45 days. Alright, so day 45 rolled around and he still didn’t have the cases so he fired off another email. The response this time was that the cases had entered the final manufacturing stage and he should receive the tracking info soon.

The next day after inquiring about the tracking number, things started to go down hill.

First he was told,

As is stated in our site, in the FAQ section, the frame povided in the site may be affected by demand. So it should be considered as an estimation.

Then later today, an email stated that the manufacturing process in hadn’t even began yet their Argentina facility. At least they offered his money back.

I tried contacting the company twice over the last two days to see what was up. No response. Don’t respond to me, fine. Lie to your customer, unacceptable.

I have no doubt that these cases are beautiful and worth every penny. They might be the best on the market. However, their customer service is anything but. My updated recommendation is to look elsewhere for iPad cases. Let me point you towards the made-in-Amerca DODOcase.