Borders Launches Marketplace For New And Used Textbooks

The textbook buying space is heating up today as Borders debuts its new “Borders Textbook Marketplace.” The Marketplace features more than 1.4 million titles including used textbooks at savings of up to 90 percent, says the company. Students can sell used books on the site as well.

The Marketplace, which was created in partnership with book seller platform Alibris, includes text books from college, high school, middle and elementary school as other titles often used in classrooms. The site also acts as a selling platform for students who want to sell individual textbooks to buyers.

While the marketplace will certainly be a resource for students and parents to find discounted textbooks, the Borders’ platform lacks rental capabilities, which Chegg, Bookrenter and even Barnes And Noble offer. From where the market is going, it seems that rentals may be the future of sourcing textbooks and Borders is a little late to the game.