Droid 2 spotted running Android 2.2

It may not even be officially announced yet, but all of the leaked details surrounding the Motorola Droid 2 ought to be enough to get any Android fan all antsy in the pantsies. A much improved version of the Droid 1’s keyboard? Great. A 1 Ghz CPU? Killer.

Lets go ahead and add one more thing to the list: Android 2.2

The shot above, as obtained by the ever resourceful Droid-Life, pretty much seals the deal: The Droid 2 (or, at least, the one pictured here) is running Android 2.2. Will it ship with it on day one? We’re still hearing that Verizon is fighting tooth and nail to be the first carrier to ship a handset with Android 2.2 out of the box — so I’d guess guess.

Droid-Life’s source also shared a few insights from his experiences with the handset, saying that it seemed “noticeably more response” than its predecessor, and that the keyboard was “phenomenal”. So what do you think: will you be linin’ up for this one when the rumored launch date of August 23rd (Update: Now rumored to be August 12th) rolls around?