Teams released for Mini Seedcamp London

Pan-european startup programme Seedcamp has released the names of the teams appearing at the Mini Seedcamp London next week. Seedcamp says they “saw many teams applying with innovative ideas in the mobile space and we are seeing more and more dedicated, smaller applications adressing very specific markets.”

Teams applied from all over Europe and beyond, and there is a trend towards self-financing and bootstrapping but the “quality [of teams] is growing from strength to strength each year”. Personally I am not surprised they are doing that given the dearth of early stage funding right now, but, perversely this lack of funding, especially in Europe, does rather concentrate the mind on what startups should be doing. There’s nothing like a downturn for sorting out the wheat from the chaff.

The below is a run-down on what the teams are doing, supplied by Seedcamp:

“cIRX brings corporate governance and director and investor relations into the networked, digital age. A purpose-built platform enabling context-relevant communication and collaboration amongst the key stakeholders in any private company, not only will cIRX drive a step-change in the efficiency, quality and effectiveness of stakeholder communications, in so doing it will drive productivity gains for all users and open doors for companies and their shareholders to new strategic possibilities that were previously unavailable.”

London, UK
“Centralised MySQL monitoring and reporting i.e. a remote DBA.”

“Deskarma’s mission is to ‘unlock expertise’ by enabling the sharing and recognition of business insight. Post your own thoughts, comment on other people’s, or invite input from others by opening a topic of your own.”

“We predict trends accurately for the fashion industry, so our customers can make more money.”

“The UK car finance market is worth £18 billion per year. There is no way for a car shopper to compare finance products and monthly prices in one place. FinanceAcar is reinventing car shopping by enabling a user to compare all prices for car finance based on on a monthly cost of ownership. To achieve this, we aggregate all car finance offers available and match the cheapest price of a car with the cheapest finance, thus providing the most competitive prices that no one else can source. Like Moneysupermarket, the business model is CPL (Cost per Lead) and CPA (Cost Per Action/transaction) and we expect to turnover £4 million for FY 2012.”

Edinburgh, UK
“Float is an integrated bank statement to cashflow forecasting tool. It lets you see what your exact balance at the end of the month will be, and differentiates between real and projected figures.It lets you create scenarios and makes sense of all the complexity of accounting figures.”

Godalming, UK
“GaBoom is an online, user-to-user video game exchange. We provide users with an easy and unique way of swapping their games online, plus two secure postage options to ensure a successful exchange, which differentiates us from our competitors.”

Kragujevac, Serbia
“kliknik would enable you to get insights into your website visitors, way not possible before. You do not have to wait any more, on data to be processed, to make your decisions, or fix your campaigns. You would be able to track any kind of data, and get know your visitors and their behavior like never before.”

Charvil, Berkshire, UK
“Matchik is an online marketplace for architecture and interior designers services founded by entrepreneurs with proven experience in consumer online marketplaces. It aims to leverage recession’s aftermath, especially on young architects, to create a new entry-level market for their services and broaden, if not democratise, architecture. It combines the simple and proven business model of subscriptions to templates and advertising models. Its unique audience is also its high potential for exit, as many successful DIY marketplaces have struggled to attract it and may become future buyers.”

Oxford, UK
“Most learning’s going to happen online in ten years time. We understand learning better than anyone else.Memrise’s aim is to become the default destination for people’s memorization needs, where users will be able to create, shop for and learn from an encyclopedic range of memorable materials, each of which will rest on our proprietary mnemonic technology to provide extraordinarily effective and engaging learning experiences. We’re going to be the eBay for memory.”

London / Austin
“MindQuilt is an online Social Q&A platform with semantic matchmaking & gaming dynamics built for the Enterprise to improve knowledge management and Employee Onboarding. It’s consumer analogs are Vark and Stackoverflow.”

Movylo Shop
Turin, Italy
“Imagine you are a small merchant. E-commerce is too sophisticated for you, but your customers have mobile phones. And you want to create unique promotions that they can buy via mobile or in store with a coupon. Imagine you’re a big merchant. You have e-commerce and plan to go mobile. But mobile commerce is not a light rendering of your web site, you have to work with a mobile mind and platform. You can use us to see if and how we can improve your sales via mobile.”

“PageDo is an online service for building and testing highly effective landing pages for AdWords, display advertising, email and social media campaigns. Create powerful landing pages and improve conversion rates in just a few minutes with no need to worry about design, HTML coding or hosting.”

Dublin, Ireland
“Profitero is an easy-to-use competitor analysis solution that monitors competitor prices for your products, benchmarks your price against competition and suggests activities to make your price competitive, increase sales and optimize profits.”

London, UK
“Scramblr is the easy way to collaborate on creative projects. Whether you’re a CEO, student, ad agency art director or freelance professional, Scramblr enables you to create your own agency / production house (‘Studio’) online.From there you can invite people to join your Studio and find all the skills, footage and tools you need to coordinate groundbreaking productions; and participate in a media marketplace.”

Warsaw, Poland
“Smartupz is an all-in-one business suite for small and medium companies. We provide set of tools to help companies with their day-to-day marketing and sales tasks on the Internet. From processing orders, managing team work to customer communication, billing and customer references – it’s one system that helps the company to manage business and grow it. No need for data integration. Everything in one place.”

London, UK
“Subsify is the easiest route to online payments. We provide a well thought out payment gateway with a simple API for developers, real-time tools to analyse conversions, exceptional support and don’t require merchants to set up a merchant account.”

Staffordshire – UK
“Sweeble helps schools and clubs to print, and to make money from printing. It makes it really easy for them to produce professional-looking newsletters, leaflets and magazines. They create their publication entirely in sweeble and output it from sweeble – to print, to web or email, or to web-readers and mobiles. Sweeble is user-friendly, based around drag-and-drop, and easy for pupils and teachers to use. There’s a built-in permissions system so sweeble can also be used to create a class newspaper or magazine. Best of all – it can help the school earn money, by adding a cover price to their publication, or by selling and uploading their own adverts, or by opting to take adverts from sweeble advertisers. Advertisers looking for access to the UK’s 30,000 schools and their families. Sweeble offers a single web-delivered solution. Not software like Microsoft Publisher, but a turn-key system with CMS, DTP, multi-media publishing AND advertising built in.”

Trebax Innovations
London, UK
“Trebax Innovations is the a first-to-market acquisition and strategy solution provider that helps marketing teams and agencies dramatically improve their online marketing and conversion efforts. Our proprietary platform, Damn Small Games™, provides dynamically driven games and socially sharable brand content for distribution amongst social and affiliate markets, in addition to banner campaigns. We are first to market with such products, have zero debt, and we are profitable.”

London, UK and Moscow, Russia
“Mety is a database so easy to learn and to use so we call it A PHP Of Databases. Don’t seek for guru – just start designing your new app or service.”

WhiteMatter Labs GmbH
Osnabrueck/Berlin, Germany
“EyeQuant is a neurotechnology that helps companies dramatically improve user attention on their websites and display ads. It predicts within seconds where users will look and what users will see, enabling rapid and cost-efficient marketing and conversion optimization.”