VZW kinda confirms Froyo for Incredible and Droid coming early August

On an unofficial Twitter account today, a VZW Tech Support employee stated that the much-anticipated, much-improved Froyo update will be available for both the Motorola Droid and the HTC Incredible by late July/early August.

After the VZW Twitter account confirmed BGR’s news about the Froyo update for the Incredible, Droid Life enquired about a Froyo update for the Droid. The response was “Should be around same time as Incredible, but I’m aiming for early August.”

So, what about the legitimacy of this account? It’s apparently “unofficial” in that the guy on the other end is a real VZW tech rep, but the account isn’t “officially” endorsed by corporate VZW. Make of that what you will.

Now, while this obviously comes as good news to owners of the handsets, don’t get your hopes up just yet: time frames for releases have a history of getting bumped, and as this wasn’t from an “officially official” source, the bumpiness seems even more possible.

Still, we’re allowed to dream, right?