Xbox 360 Arcade refreshed on August 3: 4GB internal storage for $199. Full Kinect bundle comes in at $299 this November

Strap yourself in for new Xbox 360 SKUs and prices. The hard drive-less Xbox 360 Arcade will be replaced with a $199 SKU that comes with 4GB of flash storage. That comes out on August 3. Meanwhile, as for a Kinect-only deal (i.e. with no bundled 360), that comes out in November.

And you’ll be paying $149 for that, which includes Kinect Adventures.

Or, if you want the whole deal, Xbox 360 + Kinect + Kinect Adventures, that costs $299.

So to recap: August 3 is the new Arcade with 4GB of flash at $199; Kinect stand-alone this November with Kinect Adventures game is $149; and in time for the Holidays will be the $299 4GB 360+Kinect+Kinect Adventures bundle.