Heyzap Arcade Allows Publishers To Easily Add An Interactive Gaming Portal To Websites

Many publishers want to add social games to their sites but widgets aren’t customizable enough. And tapping into an API may be too complicated for less tech savvy publishers. Heyzap, a startup that distributes casual and social games across the web through a set of APIs, applications, and widgets, is launching a new product today, called Heyzap Arcade, that allows anyone to add games to their sites.

With only one line of code, Heyzap Arcade will instantly add a “Games Portal in a Box” to a site, where visitors can select from Heyzap’s 30,000-plus games. Heyzap Arcade is packaged as a simple embedded HTML IFrame which can be added onto any site. The portal itself is entirely customizable and will allow publishers to create their own games section with minimal effort.

Already, DIY social network Ning has been offering Heyzap Arcade as a way for network creators to engage visitors and members. And network creators can add pay-to-play games onto their networks, allowing them to earn 10 percent of all revenue from premium game purchases. HeyZap says that rate of adoption amongst Ning networks as been impressive; currently “thousands” of networks are using Heyzap Arcade.

HeyZap, which just raised $3 million in new funding, distributes 30,000 games across 250,000 websites, and has 4,000 developers signed up for its platform. It first launched in early 2009 as a YouTube For Flash Games, making it easy to access a library of casual Flash gaming titles from one widget. Since then it has added quite a few features that developers can tap into, including an achievement system, micropayments, and analytics. It has shifted its focus toward helping social games expand beyond social networks like Facebook.