Skype with multitasking support now available for iPhone 4 and 3GS, 3G calls to stay free

Skype has always sort of served as one of the poster children for why iOS just had to allow applications to run in the background. I mean, come on: being able to avoid gobbling up my precious minutes without having to keep the application open all the time just so I don’t miss calls? Yes. Yes please.

Its been a few weeks since iOS launched to the multitasking masses — and today, the dream of always-on Skype becomes a reality. Skype just pushed an update to their application which adds support for iOS 4’s multitasking abilities. Incoming call while the app isn’t in view? You’ll see a prompt, like the one above. Need to pop into another application while on a call? No problem — the Skype call will continue, just as a traditional carrier call would. Go Go Gadget App-Store-link!

Update: Even more good news! Remember how Skype was planning to start charging for Skype-to-Skype calls made over 3G? Yeah, they dropped that idea. You’ll still have to pay for SkypeOut if you’re making Skype-to-not-Skype calls, of course — but if you’re just calling another Skype user, you’re in the clear regardless of what network you’re on.