AT&T put their name down for 8 million Windows Phone 7 devices

Hooo-ee! AT&T have clearly got high hopes for Microsoft’s upcoming mobile OS reboot, Windows Phone 7.

Michael Gartenberg — technology columnist to the stars — tweeted out today that a trusted source told him that AT&T have signed up for eight million WP7 devices — which is approximately one million times more than the number of Kins sold.

To put that number in perspective, Apple moved about that many iPhones in the last quarter. Now, I can’t say how quickly AT&T expect to move those numbers, but they wouldn’t be expecting anything near the speed with which the iPhone sells. The point here is that AT&T have enough faith in the platform that they reckon they can move that much.

Of course, it it won’t be the networks that will decide the success of the platform; that part of the story lies in the hands of consumers and developers.

[via Slash Gear]