No, Blizzard did not spend $100M to develop StarCraft II (but there sure are a lot of pre-orders)

You may have read that Blizzard spent some $100 million to develop StarCraft II. Well, that information is incorrect. Blizzard actually hasn’t disclosed how much it has spent to develop the game; that $100 million actually refers to World of Warcraft, which has been in continued developed for like 60 years at this point.

And if we’re to believe VGChartz—and why wouldn’t we?—then the game has been pre-ordered some 684,000 times already.

That number is expected to grow to around 750,000 by the time the game comes out next week.

Blizzard’s actually having a midnight release party/event of sorts at the Fry’s Electronics in Fountain Valley, Calif. The party gets going at 9pm local time.

So, you know, be there if you’re in the neighborhood.