"You gotta see this!" panorama app for iPhone looks jankily delicious

Making panoramas — good panoramas, you understand — is a pretty difficult process. You can slap one together pretty quickly but you’ll have stitches showing, exposure issues, and so on — you have to get a program like Hugin configured correctly and tweak it a lot before you can get something worth printing. But what if you don’t care, and the stitches are part of the fun? This app, “You Gotta See This!” seems to go down that route, knowing that “real” panoramas aren’t likely to happen on an iPhone.

What you do is start the thing up and just wave that iPhone around in a semi-controlled way; the app keeps track of orientation and motion using the accelerometer and gyroscope, and puts together a panorama by shooting on rapid fire. The end result is pleasantly broken, and unique in a way many pictures aren’t. Note that this is for iPhone 4 only!

It costs $2, and honestly if I had an iPhone I’d be buying it right now.

[via TUAW]