Video: Dos Equis shows us the most interesting use of QR Codes in the world

Somehow or other I found myself at a Dos Equis dealie the other day. And while I had zero in common with anyone else there—apparently trying to talk about the Dragon Quest lineage doesn’t work well at these things—I did spy several QR Code stations. Surely you’ve heard of QR Codes?

They’re the things that sorta look like rorschach tests that you may have seen at bus stops and the like. As you can see in the hastily cut video here, guests flash one of several different QR Code cards in front of a camera—not sure why some people all night long were trying to have the television monitor read the card when the camera was clearly marked—and up several safari-themed objects. Snakes, Olmec heads, treasure chests, etc.

I thought it was neat.

No, I did not get to meet the World’s Most Interesting Man since I had to leave pretty quickly. Maybe next time.