Apple to offer iPad engraving for the holidays?

Want to kill the resale value of an iPad or iPod? Get it engraved. It’s like an electronic tattoo that seemed like an awesome idea at the time, but six months from now you’re going to look like an Internet douche paying homage to double rainbows on the back of your iDevice. No matter, the latest Apple rumor states that engraving is coming to the iPad in time the Christmas spending spree. Yay!

Erictric’s Apple employee source,

…most likely free, especially since they’ll be trying to sell a ton more of the tablets during the holiday season.

It certainly seems possible and is one way Apple can retain some of the retail sales of the iPad as the option will likely only be available from them. Chances are if this is an option, it will hit the online Apple Store sometime in late September or early October. Yep, that’s when the holiday shopping season begins. Kind of sad.