Carrier billing coming soon to Android

If you’re the kind of Android user that doesn’t like lots of teeny micro payments cloggin’ up their credit card statement, or simply the type of person that often finds themselves penniless and needing an app right now, then you’ll be pleased to know that soon you’ll be able to shift all of your frivolous app purchases over to your phone bill.

Yes, yes, that’s right! Over the weekend, the Android Developers blog posted an update to the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement that infers that carrier billing will be coming soon.

Carrier billing is when app purchases are tallied on your monthly phone bill, rather than having them immediately charged to your credit card. It’s not something that really interests me, but I’m sure it’s a hit with the credit-cardless kids.

No word on what carriers will support it, nor when it will be rolling out, but just you wait… it’s coming.

[via Talk Android]