Jetpens: Japanese pens for fun and profit

My dad has been hounding me to get him some gel pens so when I was in Japan two weeks ago I bought him three of them. I should have just hit up Jetpens. This odd little webstore features all sorts of Japanese gel pens along with accessories like notebooks, brush pens, and erasers. Domo arigato, Internet!

Cooltools notes:

Japanese pens are simply the coolest pens on the planet. Whether for writing notes, manga, or drawing, Japanese pens are the best. The finest are .18mm while the widest are brush pens that will allow you to practice your kanji. They also come in colors that will never see the inside of a Staples or and Office Depot.

The pens are pretty pricey – about $3 per – but these are the greatest pens in the world (TM) so you could do worse.