Mobile Roadie Pro makes fancy mobile app creation a cinch

Back in April, we announced that Los Angeles-based DIY mobile apps creation platform, Mobile Roadie, announced it was setting-up shop in Europe. But the company hasn’t just been focused on developing its European business and presence. In fact, today Mobile Roadie is also announcing the release of its pro platform. Yes, fancy mobile app creation just got that much easier.

So to break it down, Mobile Roadie now offers 3 versions of its platform for iPhone and Android app creation and management: Core, Plus and Pro. Obviously the company’s new premium product is a little more expensive than the others – €1,999 installation fee plus another €99 per month (or a flat fee of €5K per year). Then again, you get way more creative control than with the other versions of the product : users get tons of great personalization options, can customize the menu lay-out and finally take advantage of horizontal display capabilities. Plus, users can also integrate Mobile Roadie’s API into their existing digital properties to get a comprehensive and seamless multi-platform application.

More than 500 apps have already been made using the company’s platform, which requires just about no technical skills to develop a app. And while it’s possible that the company’s product may not meet the needs of everyone, there aren’t exactly a lot of similar platforms on the market. At least not on this side of the Atlantic. Of course there are similar companies like MobBase, Kyte and SwebApps over in the US.

In France, for anyone needing an actual developer, there is Applimakers – a new directory-style like site for iPhone developers. The team is planning to integrate iPad apps shortly and considering non-Apple apps as well.

Anyhow, on a last note, if you’re considering creating an app but need a little inspiration, be sure to check out the new mobile apps show we recently mentioned, Frackulous.