Motorola Droid X ad fires back at Apple: "No Jacket Required"

The back-and-forth jabbing between Motorola and Apple is like the Cantina gunfight between Han Solo and Greedo — depending on who you talk to, who shot first seems to vary.

The way I saw it unfold: Motorola ran a full page ad in the New York Times proclaiming that you can hold the Droid X “any way you like“. Apple responded by adding the Droid X to the list of phones they demonstrate as being death-grippable. And now, Motorola returns with another ad.

Unlike that first ad, this ad’s jab isn’t tucked into the fine print — in fact, this one’s mud-slinging is the biggest, boldest text on the page. “No Jacket Required”, it reads. For anyone not following the drama, it seems like Motorola’s saying “This phone is so sharp, it doesn’t even need a suit jacket.” To anyone else, though, it’s an obvious stab at Apple’s free case program.

Children, children.. stop your bickering! Actually, keep it up — it’s entertaining as hell.

[Via AndroidCentral]