Video: Nexus One meets Wiimote and bike handlebar holder, do the sexy dance together.

Is there any happier place on the internet than Make? Don’t answer that. Just watch this video.

What you’re looking at is a self-proclaimed “svelt and neatly pocketable” option for playing old-skool ROMs on-the-go (ah, I remember the days when these romz were nü skool, and were known as cartz, not romz. That’s right, I put 3 ‘z’s and an umlaut in that sentence) made from a bicycle handle holder for a Nexus One, a Nexus One, a Wiimote, and an elastic band. In my books, that’s makes baza210 a definite candidate for a gold star.

Better yet, as soon as PS3 controllers get decent implementation on Android, baza has vowed to make a video outlining how to modify the elastic band so it’ll fit on Sony’s black beast.

Thank me later.