Nintendo Announces They Will Announce The 3DS's Release Date On Sept. 29

The 3DS might have been the star of the E3 2010 and for good reason, too. It’s the long-awaited refresh that brings honest-to-goodness glasses-free 3D gaming to the DS platform. It’s pretty amazing actually. I got a chance to play most of the games at E3 and walked away impressed even though my eyes couldn’t make out the 3D in some of the titles.

Nintendo revealed the upcoming gaming console at the massive gaming trade show but failed to announce the price or release date. The speculation will end on September 29, though, when Nintendo finally comes clean with at least the release date.

It’s not really the release date that most are curious about, though. How’s Nintendo going to price this thing? Two minutes with the device will tell you it’s not an inexpensive kit and there was likely a ton of R&D spent developing the hardware and the software. But it’s a portable gaming device from Nintendo and they have never been that expensive. Hopefully Nintendo will keep that trend going and price the 3DS around the $200 mark. That’s not saying that it will fail if it hits the $250 or $300 mark, because remember, it’s a portable gaming device from Nintendo. They never fail.

It sort of feels like if Nintendo is calling a special press conference in late September that the plan is to have the 3DS out in time for the holiday season — or just the opposite to give gamers a heads up not to ask for a PSPgo or even a DSiXL as the 3DS will hit shortly after the New Year. Now it’s up to the leaky Internet to give us some clues of the release date prior to Nintendo announcement. Come on, Gamestop employees.