Rumor: Sprint Peel Being Developed To Work With iPod Touch

This is kind of a strange rumor, and if it ends up being true, the Peel will be a strange device. Essentially, Sprint is developing another variation on the wifi hotspot – which is good – but this particular product works directly with the iPod Touch.

Now assuming you can control the wifi hotspot with the iPod, and that it provides a data connection for said iPod, I like it. The interface (assuming Apple approves it – ha ha) would certainly be more convenient than the USB port controlled version we used last CES. I’d consider this rumor to be a strong possibility, since it’s based of an FCC filing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll ever make it to market. I hope it does – I’ve found myself in quite a few situations where it would have been nice to have this type of technology attached to my iPod Touch.

[via TUAW]