Silentale, the Dropbox-for-communications, launches on the iPhone

Silentale publicly launched its “Dropbox for communications” service only a few months ago. The Paris-based start-up is now announcing the release of its iPhone application, so users can have access to the personal CRM service on the go.

With Silentale’s solution, users have full access to their contacts and conversation history from all major social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) in one, centralized location. As contacts and address books are an integral part of mobile phone usage, the company has integrated additional features into its iPhone app that aren’t yet available on its web application. For example, users can reply to messages, send an SMS or make a call directly from the application. Plus, another useful feature: users can access all message attachments instantly via telephone.

Silentale’s free iPhone app – which came out just last week –  has already been downloaded by one third of its userbase. Plus, the company is also preparing to release a new version of its Firefox plug-in and the Android app and Outlook plug-in are also on the way !