Find nearby activities with A Day's Outing

Remember the CrunchGear Geek Weekend series, where we attempted to show some fun stuff to do in various cities across the U.S.? Yeah, we kind of let that peter out, didn’t we? Also, there are lots of great non-geek things to do in and around cities. This is especially important for families: the kids might be more interested in Tecumseh! than the early television museum. With the A Day’s Outing website, and now its new iPhone app, you can quickly find all sorts of interesting things to do.

This is a super simple app, and provides a nice front end to the website. You plug in what kind of activities you want to see, a date range (today, this weekend, next 7 days), and define a range (5 miles, 30 miles, 60 miles, etc). The app will query the A Day’s Outing site and return a list of things going on. You can toggle between list view and map view, and you can get driving directions to any destination you select.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can simply use your smartphone’s browser to access the website to get the same functionality: it’ll just involve a bit more scrolling around on the page.

I like the presentation of this app. I find it calming. It’s simple and uncluttered. My only gripe is that the back button is a little too small for my meaty fingers.

If you’re making a cross-country road trip with your family, or just visiting in-laws for the weekend, A Day’s Outing ought to let you find something interesting to do. It’s only $3.