Lord British, of Ultima fame, goes into space on the back of $27 million lawsuit settlement

Lord British, now in space. The Ultima creator has spent $30 million hitching a ride aboard the commercial spacecraft Space Adventures. Bonus: he just won a $28 million settlement. Must be nice.

Lord British, whose real name—yes, we’re breaking kayfabe—is Richard Garriott, was fired from NCSoft after the game Tabula Rasa bombed. He spent some six years developing it. So, fired.

But then NCSoft did something rather silly: it demanded he sell all of his stock within 90 days of being fired. This, despite the fact that his contract said he’s have some 10 years to sell the stock.

He sued for $47 million. He got $28 million.

What’s he doing now? Fiddling around with Facebook games.

The moral of the story is that being rich will get you a trip to space. That, or build a time machine to when Nasa actually had money.