Why Is This Man Selling A Gizmondo In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn?

When you find a rare and beautiful unicorn, you see them mostly on the glens of Nellseven or the Seven Hills of Valpinore – not down in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. However, our buddy BrklynSurfer brought this new-in-box Gizmondo to my attention including the spam-gasmic extra text and a blurry-cam photo so blurry it could be mistaken for modern art. But friends, if this is a real Gizmondo it’s definitely in unicorn territory.

The Gizmondo is a handheld gaming console which was released by Tiger Telematics in March 2005.[2] It has GPRS and GPS technology. The electronics design was undertaken by Plextek Limited[3] and the industrial design by Rick Dickinson.

The Gizmondo sold poorly, and by February 2006 the company discontinued the device and was forced into bankruptcy.[4] In 2008, founder and CEO Carl Freer announced that he had reached an agreement with the liquidators, and planned to re-launch Gizmondo [5] as Gizmondo 2.[6]

I kind of suspect this is fake so I’m going to have to check this thing out, considering I live down by this guy. Anyone want to go in on this with me? We can all play it for like a week a year.