Digital Storm Offering 3-Screen 3D-Ready Gaming PC – But Is It Worth It?

So Digital Storm is offering (along with other high-end gaming PC makers soon, if not already) pre-built systems with triple-monitor setups using 3D-ready displays and everything already set up to blast you with 3D content from all sides. It’s expensive as hell, but it will work, and 3D gaming is pretty awesome. Should you be tempted?

Nah. While you can always wait a little longer and get a better deal, that applies especially to 3D. The 3D thing will soon stop being a premium (3D-ready is a buzzword people are charging for) and start being standard. Drivers and hardware costs will go down, and you’ll be able to do this for a lot cheaper.

Not to mention, multi-monitor setups right now are troublesome because not all games support them, and most importantly, look at those fat bezels! Give it a little time and LCD-makers will make thin- or no-bezel LCDs one of the foci, and you’ll get some truly multi-monitor-capable displays.

TL;DR: just chill, things will be way better and way cheaper soon.