MEETMOI: Helping The Lonely Hook Up

Internet dating services are pretty much everywhere these days, but they can be somewhat inconvenient from a geographic standpoint. Now there’s MeetMoi NOW, an Android application designed to help you find people based on location, rather then just pictures and compatibility surveys.

After downloading the app, you simply enter some basic information about your hobbies and interests, and then your phone tracks your location. Once two people with the same interests are within a mile of each other, the application notifies both users, and they can then decide rather or not to meet face to face. The app is a free download via the Android Market, however MeetMoi offers both a basic and a premium service. Currently the app is only available on Android, however additional mobile platforms are expected to be available in the coming weeks.

Here’s the press release, if you’d like to know more:

NEW YORK, NY — August 3, 2010 — MeetMoi, the leading location-based mobile dating company, today announced the launch of MeetMoi NOW, an application for AndroidTM devices. MeetMoi NOW is a free application introducing proximity-based matching, which takes advantage of the background processing capabilities of Android. The service is designed to find people dates, even when their phones are in their purses and pockets.

“There is a huge opportunity to change the paradigm of online dating from services where people spend the majority of their time searching for profiles, to a service that delivers profiles to users’ phones based on their real-time location,” said Andrew Weinreich, CEO of MeetMoi.

Once downloaded from the Android MarketTM, new members provide MeetMoi NOW with basic information about their interests in just a few steps, and then let MeetMoi’s technology do all the work. Whenever two users with matching preferences are within a mile of one another, MeetMoi NOW notifies them both, allowing them to begin a conversation. To encourage face-to-face meetings when people are near one another, connections made through the service expire after 60 minutes.

“MeetMoi NOW is a dating app for people with a genuine interest in meeting in-person, not just online chatting and flirting,” said Alex Harrington, President of MeetMoi. “Our goal is to make it fun, easy and effortless to meet people when you are out and about.”

MeetMoi has offered internet-based mobile dating services since its commercial launch in 2008, with both a free and premium subscription experience. The initial launch of the app, available today, is in beta; MeetMoi expects to add premium features in a future release. Additional mobile platforms, including iPhone, will be supported in the coming weeks.