Archos Generation 8 Android Tablet Specs Hit Early

Archos was making touchscreen PMPs cool well before the iPod touch debuted. The firm’s upcoming PMP, however, will be a bit different as it looks like it will be rocking Android at an incredible price. We like. posted the Gen 8 Tablet’s product page a bit early it seems, revealing these specs. A 3.2-inch 400 x 240 display is up front with a ARM Cortex A8 powering Android 2.1. The big story is that JR listed this guy with 32GB storage for only $150. That’s literally half the price of the comparable iPod touch. Of course fanboys will quickly point out the device isn’t exactly comparable because the Archos Android device simply doesn’t have the same apps available, but I believe 32GB for $150 more than makes up it. Yeah, it’s only an 8GB module. Nothing all that special.

The rest of the specs are pretty standard with a USB 2.0 connectivity, composite video out, microphone, WiFi b/g/n, and Bluetooth. Fine job, Archos. Now, here’s hoping that JR didn’t get anything wrong. [via NetbookReviews]