MopApp launches cross-store mobile analytics – we have 100 invites

Mopapp, a Software-as-a-Service that allows application developers to retrieve, analyze and chart the downloads, upgrades, sales, revenues and profit of their mobile applications, just launched its private beta. And we have invites.

The most interesting aspect of the product is that it’s cross-platform and cross-store, and it automatically integrates with most major stores (Apple iTunes App Store, Google Android Market, RIM App World, Handango, MobiHand and counting), to allow developers to compare their sales on the different platforms and stores. It also creates reports and detailed analytics by country, device and currency.

On top of that the service also exposes an API to track sales from 3rd party stores or custom ecommerce scripts, as well as a custom CSV format to import sales stored in any database. You can also have a peek at a net profit estimate from revenue according to the various rules of each store.

The product is being developed by a team of 4, based in Bologna, Italy. They have also developed a native iPhone client which is currently waiting for approval by Apple.

MopApp is generously offering 100 invites to TechCrunch readers. The coupon, which can be requested at, also grants 6 free months of the Professional Plan, for a total value of $180. Yeah, that’s $18,000 of wares we’re giving away.