WinPho 7 Probably Won't Support HTML 5

Bad news for anyone expecting to use HTML 5 on a Windows Phone 7 OS device. At a recent press conference, Microsoft’s Frank Prengel stated that there are currently no “concrete” plans for HTML 5 support in the OS. There are plans for Flash support from Adobe, but that won’t happen until about 6 months after WinPho 7 has been released.

This came up during a demonstration of WinPho 7’s new hybrid IE 7/8 browser, which uses hardware acceleration for text scaling and other processes. The bigger question here is not when the OS is used in a phone, but rather how it will impact the current tablet computing craze. If Microsoft doesn’t support the new evolving web standard, that could be a major stumbling block for early adopters.

[via WMPoweruser]