Lemur Driving Monitors Spy On Your Kids, Help You Drive Eco-Friendly

Lemur Monitors takes advantage of your car’s data port to help you drive more economically, make sure your kids are driving safely, and provide an audible warning if you start exceeding the speed limit. Lemur doesn’t produce any one product that does all of these things, so you would have to choose which type of sensor tracking you want to use.

First up, the “EconoDriver”. This sensor helps you to keep track of your mileage and help you improve your driving habits in order to be more eco-friendly. The EconoDriver will also track how much money you are wasting sitting in traffic idling, or by driving aggressively. Most importantly, the EconoDriver helps you develop more fuel efficient driving habits. You can pick one up online for $79.95, from the Lemur Monitor website.

The next product is the SafeDriver. All parents worry about how their kid drives, but the SafeDriver sensor means parents won’t have to depend on friends or family to rat them out for driving recklessly. The SafeDriver acts like a black box in your car, recording real-time information about the maximum speed, distance traveled, and any sudden braking action. And just to keep everyone honest, the SafeDriver will display a tamper warning if the sensor is removed, the battery removed from the key fob, or if someone tries to erase the data without entering the correct secret PIN. MSRP on the SafeDriver is $69.95, and available for purchase from the Lemur monitor website.

AlertDriver is quite possibly the most annoying product I’ve heard of in a really long time. Essentially, you plug this thing into your vehicle data port, and then it sends out an “audible alert” whenever the driver passes 35 MPH to “encourage safe driving” in the city. If the driver exceeds 70 MPH, the sensor will continue to issue an intermittent alarm until the speed is decreased. Do Not Want. If you want one however, MSRP is $49.95, and it’s also available on the Lemur website.