Review: Logitech G700 Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse

Short version: A fine evolutionary step for Logitech’s long line of gaming mice. Possibly the best yet.


  • Wireless or wired connectivity
  • 13 buttons
  • On-the-fly sensitivity settings with side LED indicators
  • Rechargeable via Micro-USB
  • $99 MSRP


  • Awesome feel
  • Zero wireless issues
  • Fast switching to USB
  • Great battery life


  • None?


It’s been fun watching Logitech’s mice evolve over the last decade. There’s a clear line of succession, with each new model building upon the last. The G700 follows that tradition with the form factor found in the Performance line combined with the G Series gaming oriented features. It’s about the best of both worlds.

The tracking is outstanding, partly because of the gaming-grade pads located on the bottom. It’s precise and accurate and the top-mounted sensitivity button makes adjusting it so much easier. There’s even side-mounted LED lights to indicate the sensitivity settings. I never saw any lag with the wireless mode.

As for battery life, I’ve yet to charge the mouse and I’ve been using 14 hours a day for about 2 weeks. The Micro-USB cable also doubles for the wired mode. The connector is right in front, in between the two mouse buttons in a similar fashion used by the Razer Mamba.

The G700 is of course equipped with Logitech’s dual-mode scrolling wheel that can either scroll silky smooth or clicky style. The button directly behind the scroll wheel toggles the modes. I’ve found that the two modes are great for web browsing but even more so for gaming. Got a lot of weapons to scroll through? Use the click mode to precisely choose the right one.

The best evolutionary change for me at least was the thumb buttons placement. On previous Pro series mice, my thumb would always rest directly on these buttons, which isn’t a good fit for me because I grip the sides of my mice. Now with this one, my thumb can squeeze the mouse all it wants because the buttons are located slightly above the resting shelf. It’s a huge improvement and allows me to use the mouse for daily tasks as well as gaming.

I simply love this mouse and feel like it’s the best one I’ve ever used. But I always feel that way about Logitech mice until the new one comes out with a slightly-tweaked design. For now though, this is the mouse to beat.