Review: Logitech G930 Wired/Wireless Gaming Headset

Short version: What do you get when you cram 7.1 Dolby sound, gaming-grade wireless, a few buttons, and a noise-canceling microphone into one headset? Sweaty ears. Seriously


  • Gaming-grade wireless
  • Simulated 7.1 Dolby Pro Logic II sound
  • Customizable side buttons
  • Large volume scroll wheel
  • Over-the-ear surrounds
  • Wireless or wired mode
  • $159 MSRP


  • Great sound
  • The wireless works
  • Switches to wired quickly


  • Too tight of a fit
  • Kind of heavy


Wireless headsets have always been about the best thing ever — on paper. The thought is that you could eliminate the wire that always tends to get in the way but up until recently, wireless headsets were fools gold as they were rarely as good as wired version. Wireless technology simply couldn’t delievery quality sound.

I’m happy to report that isn’t the case with these Logitech cans. They sound just as good wirelessly as they do when directly plugged in. The 7.1 Dolby surround is very convincing for games and movies, but it slighly distorts music. Thankfully there’s a headset-mounted slider that toggles the mode.

In fact, there are several buttons on the headset. Three of them are customizable to whatever you see fit, while the others control power, the Dolby setting, and muting the microphone. There’s also a large dial control for volume that works nicely.

Overall, it’s a very nice headset with great sound and solid wireless technology. But I can’t wear it. Well, I can’t wear it for more than 20 minutes because they cause my ears to get rather hot. I really think you could use a snowblower with this headset on and be perfectly comfortable with the audio being just a bonus to toasty ears. It’s not like I have an Shrek-shaped head or anything. My head swims in extra large baseball hats, but this headset is just too tight for my head. I can’t totally write-off the the G930 for as the sound and function is great. Just make sure you purchase the cans from a place with a fair return policy.