Mysterious ASUS Windows Phone 7 handset shows up in sibling spy shots

What do you do when your brother comes in for a trip home to Pakistan with an unreleased, previously unseen Windows Phone 7 handset?

You take pictures and put them on the Internet, of course.

Just a bit ago, Twitter user Shaistajafri put up a link to the image above, saying:

First person in #Pakistan to see a #WP7 yeayyyyyy

Turns out, it’s her brother’s device. How’d he get it? We don’t know — but what we do know is that we haven’t seen this thing before. While a few manufacturers were contracted to build developer handsets that were never intended to reach the market, ASUS was not, to my knowledge, one of them — so this could very well be something we see on the shelves in a few months.

What do you think: would you carry it?

[Via PocketNow]