The Founder Institute expands to Brussels and Berlin

Having launched in eleven locations worldwide The Founder Institute, set up by Adeo Ressi as a sort of global-wide bootcamp for tech entrepreneurs, is launching two new locations today across Europe: Brussels and Berlin.

The other location already up and running in Europe is Paris where a second semester launches this Fall. There is an August 13th admissions deadline for the European programmes.

The Berlin and Brussels programmes will be the last expansion for the Founder Institute until the end of the year, when they plan to announce two more cities for a total of fifteen locations.

The Institute also hit some milestones. There are now 150 ‘graduate’ companies and 45 are funded by either angel investors or ‘friends and family’ for $50,000 or more.

According to the Institute, over a quarter of the 230 Mentors applied to participate in all three European locations.

So in order to recruit top Mentors, the Institute is planning a “European Startup Tour” for U.S. CEOs to visit all three European locations bringing some of that Silicon Valley thinking to Europe, although they will be doing it in a blistering 5 days.

Some of the US execs we might expect to see over here included Bob Rosin, EVP of Qik, Joe Bezdek, Cofounder of DivX and Andrew Weinrich, Founder of MeetMoi and Xtify.

The Institute is also recruiting local European CEO and Founder Mentors as well, including:

Sebastien de Halleux, Cofounder of Playfish
Dries Buytaert, Cofounder of Drupal Association
Bart Decrem, CEO of Tapulous
Jonathan Benassaya, Cofounder and Chairman of Deezer
Bertrand Diard, Cofounder and CEO of Talent
Philippe Spruch, Cofounder and CEO of LaCie
Robin Wauters, TechCrunch

What with Innovate Europe, Seedcamp and various other startup programmes traversing and cross-crossing Europe in a hunt for startups, the scene here is becoming increasingly busy.