A Few Likely Canon 60D Specs

Our usual source for unreleased (and possibly false) Canon info, Canon Rumors, has posted a few specs for the 60D that actually seem perfectly likely. The 60D is supposed to be a video-focused replacement for the 40D, and reports indicate it’s more than a rumor, and possibly hitting in early September.

The specs quoted at Canon Rumors are limited but telling.

First, you’ve got a similar megapixel count to the T2i and 7D. This makes sense; it wouldn’t do to have a cheaper camera with a much-improved megapixel count, and besides, 18 megapixels on a sensor that size is already pushing it. Canon probably wants to make sure its consumer and prosumer cameras don’t encroach on 5D and 1D territory in any way.

Then you have a swiveling LCD. I could do without it, but for people using their DSLR as a video device frequently, it could be a lifesaver (or neck-saver). No word on how much swivel we’re talking about here, but I would guess it flips out to the left side and turns 180 degrees.

“Video Optimized,” their words. This likely means one of two things (or both): an improved live autofocus system, which would be a huge help (though I like manual), or better frame and pulldown rates on the sensor. More resolutions, more frame rates to choose from, and less distortion in fast-moving video. Could be any or all of these things.

I’m looking forward to it. Since you can find the 7D for less than $1500 these days, the 60D will probably be priced around $1200 (body only), right between the 7D and T2i.